xplore 2020

-> xplore Barcelona, May, 29- 31

-> xplore Roma, June, 19-21

-> xplore Berlin, July, 24-26

We are very happy to announce that Barcelona will open the xplore season 2020.

xplore Barcelona will take place at the cultural center Naubostik, inside the city walls, from the 29th to the 31st of May. Kirsty and Ruben decided to not organize the festival this year and we really want to thank them for starting this adventure with us; with their enthusiasm, talent and hard work they have twice succeed to bring the xplore experience to Cataluña.
Next year, Estudio deseo, Nico Presence, Milena Ruzicka, Patricia Irigoin with the collaboration of Maria Pia will take over their task!

As usually we will offer a special price for those who wish to join all three 2020 festivals.

Looking forward to see you in summer!!

Felix, Caprice & Micha