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 Premiere at Dock 11, Berlin, November, 29  – Dec, 10,  2000

Dancers: Matthieu Burner, Susanne Brian, Silvia Freund, Laura Frigato, Benjamin Grieve, Catherine Jodoin, Hannah Hedman, Caroline Picard, Dominique Pollet, Delta R’ai, Marika Rizzi, Jose Anton Reza Bernal, Gabriel Staelen, Daniela Wedhorn

Music: Christian Meyer Mal

Stage and Light: Felix Ruckert and Bruno Pocheron

Concept and Choreography: Felix Ruckert

Technical director: Bruno Pocheron

Technical assistance : Asier Solana

Cie Management : Isabelle Fuchs

Felix Ruckert wishes to combine the best elements of his previous experiments with unconventional spectator‑performer relationships in a new production: the intensity of HAUTNAH ‑one dancer for one performer‑, the social character of RINGinteractive circle between performers and spectators‑, the subtlety of STILLEN ‑ installation of tied up bodies to be visited like an exhibition.

The result is a sensual, ritualistic encounter between dancers and performers that blurs the distinction between action and reaction. It presents an innocent, playful, sophisticated (and public) form of sexuality where the disturbance and provocation related to the theme will be present, in an innovative and intelligent form of entertainment.

deluxejoypilot is organized as a process that develops and culminates in permanent confrontation with the audience. Staged in a lounge of comfortable chairs and beds, it evolves in a complex and multi-layered fashion.

An audio space created by Christian Meyer, who already composed for SCHWARTZ and RING, confirms the warm, cosy and emotional aspect of the piece.

Production: Cie Felix Ruckert- Berlin e.V. / Dock 11, Berlin  / Iles de Danse 2001 / Ile de France Opéra et Ballet.

Tours 2000 – 2005: Düsseldorf, Munich, Forbach, New York City, Chicago, Miami Beach, Portland, Santos, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paolo, Cordoba

Company Felix Ruckert receives funding by the Senat für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kultur, Berlin and is housed at the Dock 11 / Berlin for all its creations. Company Felix Ruckert is helped by the Goethe Institute for its international tours