# On Friday and Saturday, August 16&17 at 20 45 and 24 00 I will show “Fremd ist dein Kleid”, a new performance / installation at eX…it!’19 International Dance & Butoh Festival, Schloss Bröllin

# What is xplore? New promotional video clip here…  Please share!

# Some pictures from xplore Barcelona, here…

# Coming up:  xplore Berlin July 26-28 /// If you come to Berlin for xplore, also check out the after xplore Konk, Tuesday to Thursday, July 30 -Aug 1. Three days to chill out in a beautiful location at a  lake near Berlin, right after the Berlin xplore festival, with the xplore crew and presenters!!!

# To make informations about my events more accessible we have a brand new Instagram account now, with selected images and information about what is going on:

# Next MEGA KONK “Death Can Dance” – play week at Neue Spitzmühle from September, 2-8, with Peter Banki (Philosophy), Ilan Stephani (Ecstasy), Felix Ruckert (Yoga, Dance), Matthias Gockel (Death and Dying, Marina Kronquist (Breath Work) Konk is a sexpositive open space that juggles with the concepts of Kink and Consciousness. We try to create a necessary parallel world, where all forms of sexual expression and play are welcome, as long as they contribute to a collective embodiment of grace.”  More..

# From Aug 8- 18 I will teach and choreograph at the eX…it!! Festival, 7th International dance eXchange and performance festival on butoh and contemporary dance !!!

# The next edition of EURIX – The European Rigger& Model Exchange No XV will happen Oct, 21 – 26, 2019, in Säalchen at Holzmarkt/ Berlin!



# Interview with me about EURIX by Vanina Tsoneva/ Sluttish from Oct 2018, just online now!

# Report on xplore Berlin 2018 – The Transformative Power of the Erotic by Karina Kehlet Lins online now…!

# Report on xplore Berlin 2018 – The Continuity of Sexual Freedom in a Once Liberal City by Jeanne Philippe online now.

# A video of my most recent lecture/ performance (The Living Room Tour) here: CREATING SEX POSITIVE SPACES (Berlin, May, 12, 2018)

# Some excerpts of ENGENHO (2008) my choreography for the Ballett of Teatro Castro Alvez, San Salvador da Bahia, Brazil are online now!

# The xplore Berlin 2017 Symposium is on line now:
“BDSM Sagacity: embodying complexity“ by Dr. Sacha Kagan
“Die Realisierung des Imaginären und die Irrealisierung des Realen …“ by Prof.Dr. Regine Herbrik
“Pearl Diving: Somaesthetics and Art” by Marius Presterud
“Being violently ill” by Dr. Nathalie Blanc
“The Sex-Positive Movement in the Context of Neo-Liberalism” by Dr. Peter Banki

# Very entertaining RADIO PODCAST about xplore Berlin 2017 online now! With 12 interviews english/ german of xplore participants

# Some pictures from my performance “Swamp” with Anna Noctuelle at Anatomie Studio London, Oct, 20, 2017 !

# A full length video of MESSIAH GAME (2005) is online now, one of my essential choreographies  I would say, I still like most of it. Check it out!

# Interview about Felix’ practice of  Shibari / Japanese Rope Bondage, recorded by Shakti Sundari at Taste of Love Festival, January 2017 in Byron Bay, Australia, on youtube now!

# Measuring the Temperature of Dance in Berlin, interview by Diego Agulló; Felix talks about dance and sex in Berlin, July, 16, 2017





# Lecture Creating Sex Positive Spaces and Shibari workshop in Athens (GR) for AthenShibari , May 24-26, at “The 14th day” Studio on May, 28

# Lecture & workshop  Creating Sex Positive Spaces at UNCENSORED FESTIVAL, London, May, 18.



# EURIX – The European Rigger& Model Exchange happening twice in spring and automn 2018. As part of the event we are also developping ROPE ARTISTS INTL. , a performance platform offering professional conditions for innovative rope performers.

# xplore summer 2018:  xplore Barcelona, May, 25-27, 2018 // xplore Roma, June, 15-17  // xplore Berlin, July, 27-29 // xplore Copenhagen Aug, 3-5  More: xplore

May 2018 The weekend ULTRA KONK (Kink and Superfood, May, 18-21) combined Conscious Kink with Conscious Eating&Cooking and lasted four days. KONK weekends were organized once a month from January to December.

 Jan – May 2018  My Living Room Tour brought me to the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and Denmark and numerous places in Germany. Thanks to all the people that hosted me! After more than fourty lectures on CREATING SEX POSITIVE SPACES  all over Europe I did a final date in Berlin at Dock 11, on May, 12. The Video of the Berlin Lecture is on line, here !


# DARKNESS & LIGHT –  a schwelle7 weekend on Dec 8 – 10 in Jana and Philipp’s beautiful house at Bötzsee, near Berlin.

October/ November 2017

# UNDOGMATIC ROPE at Anatomie Studio, London, with Sophia Rose, Oct 21&22, 2017

# Felix and Paola Calvo showed the schwelle7 movie VIOLENTLY HAPPY at GENDER BENDER Festival, Bologna, November, 3-5. Felix also did a lecture on SEXPOSITVE SPACES and taught a workshop called BISEXUALS ARE BETTER LOVERS!

September 2017

# Felix performed and presented at Rome Bondage Week, Sept, 13 -17, Rome, Italy

# EURIX – European Rigger&Model Exchange No 11 / September, 18 – 24, 2017 at -> Alte Börse Marzahn, Berlin.

July/ August 2017

# Curating and presenting at xplore Berlin, July, 14-16, 2017

# Curating and presenting at xplore Copenhagen, August, 4-6

June 2017

# Felix im Fuchsbau – KINK AND SUPERFOOD, June, 9 -11, near Bern, Switzerland. Organized by RouseRenoir, three days with an intense workshop program, a play party and lots of free space for free play and experimentation, plus delicious meals and snacks, prepared with love!

# Lecture performance by Felix Ruckert, Rope Bondage and some footage of schwelle7 and earlier dance works at GALLERIA MONDRIAN SUITE, Rome, Italy, June, 17 &18

# Curating and presenting at  xplore Roma, June 23- 25

May 2017

# May, 1 from 12am to 6pm, workshop Liquid Body – Hard Stuff at Dock 11 Berlin. A one day workshop focussing on contact improvisation and physical communication.

# From May, 2 to May 12 Felix  facilitates a daily Professional Training in Contemporary Dance at Dock 11, Berlin, Monday to Friday, 10 00 – 11 30.

April 2017

# More than Knots – workshop Rope Bondage and BDSM at KINBAKU LOUNGE Copenhagen, April 14 – 16.

# Felix is teaching and performing Rope Bondage at the infamous MOSCOW KNOT FESTIVAL, April 21 – 27.

March 2017

# March, 20 – 26, 2017 / EURIX No X / spring 2017 at Alte Börse, Berlin – Marzahn

# March, 30 – April, 9, 2017 / THE NEW CIVILIZATION TRAINING – 9 days in a contemporary monastery –  Schlüsshof am Lychensee, near Berlin / an intense fasting retreat with Micha Stella and Felix Ruckert

January / February 2017

# VIOLENTLY HAPPY, Paola Calvo’s documentary about schwelle7 is programmed in cinemas in Germany. Here a review: “Theatre of Intimacy and Pain” by Shelagh Rowan-Legg (in English)

#Felix is teaching and performing BERLIN BONDAGE at Arts Yard, Bangalow, NSW, Jan, 14th

# Felix teaching at the The Taste of Love Festival in Byron Bay, NSW and at the Festival of Really Good Sex, Sydney, NSW, Australia.