Opening Picture: Pilar LaOtra & AnaSita (Madrid) / Others by: Pagan Poetry, Zor NeuroBashing, Anastasia Philippova, Shantel Liao

The European Rigger&Model Exchange No12 is planned for March, 12-18, 2018

 Location and date to be confirmed!


Rigger&Model Exchange No11

September, 18 – 24, 2017 at -> Alte Börse Marzahn, Berlin

The regular program  and the Beginner Course is SOLD OUT. There are BONDAGE JAMS and ROPE PERFORMANCES – open to the public – on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 8pm (10 EUR).

Presenters confirmed so far:

Cyril Grillon (Paris)____Dasniya Sommer (Berlin)____Eris Maksym & Maya Homerton (Barcelona)____Iris Ordean (Durham)____Gorgone & Human Chuo (Paris)____Grzesznik & Iarwa (Krakow)____Michael RopeKnight (Königswinter)____Boris Mosafir (St.Petersburg)____MyMay & Goldie Sunshine (Tel Aviv)____Nennemich (Berlin)

In addition to the exchange and research program proposed by these and other presenters, there will be:

# A special 5 day ABSOLUTE BEGINNER COURSE.  Each day another international expert will teach a 6 hour introduction to Rope Bondage (10 00 – 13 00 and 15 00 – 18 00).  The course is an unique opportunity to study the basics with an intense combination of five high level teachers. It will give a fantastic overview over different styles and techniques and will allow a very informed start into the practice.

Monday: Shadow (Antwerp)___Tuesday: Kitty Rea (Bucharest)____Wednesday: Pedro Cordas (Lisboa)____Thursday: Pilar LaOtra (Madrid) ____Friday: Soptik (Prague)

The Absolute Beginner Course is geared towards total Bondage beginners who simply wish to start with the best. No previous knowledge required. The program is also suitable for riggers who just start teaching and are interested in different methods and teaching styles. In the evening participants have the possibility to join the regular open practice at EURIX. There is place for 15 couples in the BEGINNER COURSE.  Please apply with a rope partner and bring a minimum of 7 lenghts of 8 meter rope (hemp or jute, 6mm or 8mm).

If you wish to registrate for this program specify EURIX/BEGINNER when you apply and when you transfer the fee (300.- per couple).

# A PERMANENT PLAY SPACE for open practice during the day.

# A special PHOTOGRAPHY & PERFORMANCE SPACE with a stage, sound and light, where performing and photography can be practised all day.

# BONDAGE JAMS and ROPE PERFORMANCES – open to the public – on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 8pm ( 10 EUR)





Free for „Presenters“ (presenters are not paid but we provide accomodation and reimburse travel expenses)

200.- for „Students“ (200 Euros per couple, rigger with model / 100 Euros for Single Riggers or Single Models) Intermediate/ Advanced Riggers only: To take part as a „student“ please apply with some information about your experience and some samples of your work.

300.-  “Absolute Beginner Course” / 5x6h = 30 hours intense instruction / 300.- Euros per couple, rigger and model /  No single registration, switching possible! Please specify EURIX / BEGINNER on registration!

Registration:  Jana <>

Facebook event -> EURIX No XI

EURIX No XII is planned for March 2018 !!! Exact dates to be confirmed!


EURIX  – The concept

This is a different kind of rope event.

I organized many workshops with international, mostly japanese top riggers in Berlin during the last ten years and often I was very impressed by the technical level and artistic quality of the participants who came from all over Europe. I feel that there is a lot of creative and innovative rope bondage in Europe today. Many individuals are developing their own approaches. A sort of emancipation from the japanese masters is happening, not a rebellion or opposition, just people recognizing the importance of gaining autonomity in their artistic process.

So the idea came up to bring experienced European Riggers and Models together, for a week of exchange and research, twice a year. There are invited „presenters“ who share their work on a voluntary base: advanced riggers and models who have developed a personal style beyond japanese tradition, who are interested to learn and exchange with others and who wish to experiment with less hierarchical and dogmatic teaching structures. 

They are joined by a larger group of „students“, intermediate and advanced riggers interested to learn from the professionals present and paying a modest fee in order to finance the event. Also “students” may propose workshops or perform during the week.

The schedule will be open. Every day a new plan will be established, with different workshops, research groups, talks etc. Up to three workshops run simultaneously, thus a wide range of topics and issues is covered. The content of the event will be designed according to the interests and needs of the participants rather then following a preconceived didactic concept or method. It will be different every time.


EURIX presenters at previous editions:

EURIX I  / autumn 2012: Felix Ruckert (Berlin), Peter Slemrian (Copenhagen), Ropert (Vienna), Shadow (Antwerp), Mark Yu (USA)

EURIX II / spring 2013: Bruce Esinem (London), Davide La Greca (Rome) Nina Russ (London), Shadow (Antwerp), Yoroi Nicolas (Paris),

EURIX III / autumn 2013: Amalion (Berlin), Pedro Gigas (Portugal), Peter Slemrian (Copenhagen), Andy Pandy (Stockholm), Gorgone (Marseille), Jari Vuomajoki (Helsinki).

EURIX IV / spring 2014: Barkas & Carreaux (Vienna),  Pilar Laotra & AnaSita (Madrid), Mélanie Martinoli (Lausanne), Miumi-U & Gorgone (London/Tokyo/ Nimes), Riccardo Wildties & Red Sabbath (Rome), Sansblague and Bergborg (Stockholm), Ropeshadow (Athens)

EURIX V / autumn 2014: Nicolas Yoroi (Paris), Stefano BirdOfPrey (Roma), Shadow (Antwerpen), Slaneesh & GanRaptor (Gdansk), Alberto Noshibari (Barcelona), Amalion (Berlin), Tangle (Toronto)

EURIX VI / spring 2015: Caritia (Berlin), Enji Rayd (Berlin), The Joker (Berlin), Klara Luhmen (Berlin), Nennemich (Berlin), Osada Kinbaku Dojo: Hagen & Arliss (Berlin), Andreas Hartung (Berlin), Merlin (Berlin), Renée Aissance Favretti (Berlin)

EURIX VII / autumn 2015: Ropert & Eve (Vienna), Pedro Gigas (Portugal), Maranta Rubiera ( Barcelona), Alberto Noshibari (Barcelona), SkinnyRedhead (Edinburgh), Peter Soptik (Czech Republic), Vlada & Alex Falco (Moscow), Kristina Marlen (Berlin), ButterflyBondage (The Netherlands)

EURIX VIII / spring 2016: Andra Poloutropon (New York), Andrea Quartacorda (Firenze), Hera Delgado (Mallorca), Isabelle Hanikamu (Montréal), Lahtnor (Gothenburg), Nina Russ (London), Shadow (Antwerpen), Zor (Madrid)

EURIX IX / automn 2016: Anna Bones & Fred Hatt (London), Andrea Ropes & Clementine Poulaine (Bologna), Andy Buru (Stockholm), Bob Ropemarks (Amsterdam), Caritia (Berlin), Gluwur (Barcelona), Gorgone (Berlin), Matthias T.J. Grimme & Jemina (Hamburg), Scot Kinbaku (Copenhagen)

EURIX X / spring 2017: Danilo Andres Sepulva & Jasko Fide (Berlin)___Gestalta& Anna Noctuelle (London)___Hedwig (Malmö) & Ceci Ferōx (Helsinki)___Iris Ordean (Durham)___Jemina (Hamburg)___Kissmedeadlydoll (NYC)___Maranta Rubiera (Barcelona)___May Dosem & Benoit Descordes (Paris)___Red Lily (Roma)___Tifereth (Toronto)___ BEGINNER COURSE: Felix Ruckert (Berlin)___Caritia (Berlin)___ Matthias T.J. Grimme (Hamburg)___Shadow (Antwerp)___Nicolas Yoroi(Brussels)