Performance program during EURIX No XV / automn 2019

Thursday, Oct, 24th and Friday, Oct, 25th at 8pm / doors open 7pm

at Holzmarkt 25 / Säälchen / Holzmarktstraße 25 / Berlin

‘Rope Artists International’ is organized within the larger framework of ‘The European Rigger & Model Exchange’, EURIX, a bi-annual, six-day event, where rope enthusiasts from all over the world gather to develop their skills and share their passion.

Since the focus of EURIX is on creativity and innovation, with the event attracting the most advanced riggers and models, the performance programme features not only high level technical skills but also presents the latest findings of aesthetic and theatrical research concerning bondage.

Berlin-based choreographer Felix Ruckert, who for nine years directed the now legendary schwelle 7 in Berlin, Wedding, curates a programme that features a selection of some of the most innovative rope artists on the international scene.

During and after the the official performance programme we offer a more casual ‘Rope Bondage Jam’ where you have the possibility to indulge in your own rope adventures or, if you are new to rope bondage, observe the sessions and scenes of the EURIX tribe.

Performance Line-Up October 2020:

Dasniya Sommer (Berlin)

Andy Buru & Saraa Rei (Stockholm)

XaNA & Behapa (Roma/Berlin)

and surprise guests…


You have never heard of Bondage or Shibari? What can you expect?

More and more people in Europe are enjoying tying or getting tied up, and thus are learning and practising Shibari or Kinbaku, Japanese rope bondage.

Rope bondage is not only spectacular and aesthetically appealing, it also provides thrilling sensations and the pleasures and benefits of touch and intimate encounters. It is a powerful form of playing with body and mind, a practice that deals symbolically with themes such as torture, abuse, restriction, imprisonment, dependency and loss of control. It can be practised on a purely technical level, focussing on knots and patterns, form, design and physics. It can have a focus on emotion, connection, trust and relationship. It can also be approached as an erotic practice, where sensual and/or sexual pleasure is the motivation. And it can be an artistic collaboration aiming for presentation and expression, based on an equal partnership between the person who ties and the person being tied; an emerging art form that infiltrates the stages of the performing arts and fuses dance and theatre with the technical knowledge, virtuosity and aesthetics of contemporary Shibari.

These creations by a new generation of young rope-artists now become the shows that we promote and present at ROPE ARTISTS INTL.

At Holzmarkt25 / Säälchen / Holzmarktstraße 25 / Berlin 

Doors: 19:00 Start: 20:00 End: 24:00 

15€ Performance & Jam / per evening  (Participants of Eurix get free entry) Tickets only at the door! NO reservations!

There is no dresscode for the event, but we love if you dress-up for this special evening!