Fremd ist dein Kleid (2019)

All pictures by Peter van Heesen

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 (Strange is Your Dress) Performance/ Installation

Premiere on Aug 16&17 at Schloss Bröllin.


Performers: Alberto A!, Constance Humphries, Elisa Zacco, Elvira Barmeri, Ioku Ero Nikaido, Jonathan Martineau, Lela Besom, Margarita Tseng, Roland Eichner

Soundscape: Phonoschrank/ Text: Rainer Maria Rilke/ Concept&Choreography: Felix Ruckert

Production: eX…it! Festival 2019 Bröllin & Compagnie Felix Ruckert Berlin e.V.


Fremd ist, was deine Lippen sagen,
fremd ist dein Haar, fremd ist dein Kleid,
fremd ist, was deine Augen fragen,
und auch aus unsern wilden Tagen
reicht nicht ein leises Wellenschlagen
an deine tiefe Seltsamkeit.

Rainer Maria Rilke


„Strange is your dress“ is a walk-through performance/ installation exploring freedom of physical, emotional and mental restrictions, evolving through body-mind anarchy and human resonance. It invites the audience to investigate empathy, communication and power dynamics between performers and observers. The piece is composed of nine single scenes that were created in close collaboration with the protagonists and represent very personal explorations of emotions such as sadness, joy, shame and pride. The audience is invited to freely move from scene to scene, observe the performers’ actions from a very close distance and eventually engage with them emotionally and verbally.