In deinen Armen sterben / Dying in your arms (2022)

performance / sociography

created  and performed April, 27 & 28, 2022

commissioned by Apelbaum03 / Anomalie Art Club, Berlin

performers: Matilde Flor Usinger, Eglantina, Kristina Faleeva, Amanda Mata, Anna De Courcy, Savina

sound scape: Rüdiger Wenk aka Phonoschrank

concept & choreography: Felix Ruckert

 DYING IN YOUR ARMS is a series of solo performances and an interactive score. After a introduction featuring six solos – instantly composed under the subtitle “My beautiful sex life”- and in which the dancers reveal emotions and narratives around their sexual existence, the audience is invited to celebrate a ritual „Dying Ceremony“, supported by the performers. The group is split into those who „die“ and those to accompany, celebrate, mourn and ritualize this process. The actual interest lies in the diverse aspects of the process of letting go and all the emotions involved. As in many choreographies by Felix Ruckert, the performers are invited to explore intense emotions, to work with auto- biographical elements and to find highly individual tools to express their individual process with sound and movement. The „scores“ that Felix provides offer a clear frame and support, they are designed to stimulate presence, attitude and resonance as basic prerequisites of meaningful communication between dancers and audience.

Apelbaum03 is a queer conceptual series marrying art, performance and rave with the P7 gallery and Ano- malie Art Club, Berlin.