TxT (2001)

Premiere at Dock 11, Berlin, Aug 22, 2001

Stage, Light, Dance & Choreography: Emanuel Jouthe, Julyen Hamilton, Felix Ruckert

The resurge of male choreographers marks a climax in human evolution: they superbly combine intuitive qualities such as phantasy, sensitivity and taste with the intellectual skills of conceiving, constructing and directing.

They are also masters of megalomania, egocentrism, stubbornness and depression.

Three representants of this species, franco-canadian Emmanuel Jouthe, british Julyen Hamilton and german Felix Ruckert, stemming from totally different horizons and backgrounds pool together to compose an evening of dance. Each one of them creates a duett for the two others.The three pieces will share an unique stage setting. Emmanuel Jouthe ‘s mysterious-poetic imaged language follows a surprising inner logic, Julyen Hamilton’ s highly precise analysis of space and movement nevertheless provokes intense theatrical moments, Felix Ruckert’s playful dealing with both concept and emotion resumes in performances with a particular musicality. The proposal of presenting the three pieces together allows to observe the participants both as performers and as creators. Therefore they give insight to the choregraphic process and trigger reflection on the phenomenas of presence and absence. Besides they draw the attention on the male dancer and his relationship to the body.