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Video Clip “Water Music” here…

Premiere: November, 30, 2006 at Dock11, Berlin

Concept: Felix Ruckert / Dance and Music: Matthieu Burner und Felix Ruckert / Dance and Video: Rachel Brooker and Dasniya Sommer / Stage and Light Design: Roger Irman / Sound: Stefan Templer / Costumes : Felix Ruckert / Musical Coach: Hardi Barnewold / Dramaturgy: Peter Pleyer / Production & Management: Isabelle Fuchs, Delta RA’i

Water Music is a composition for water, two dancers/musicians and two observers with cameras.

Water is a shapeless material that aims for a state of stillness, if left to gravity. Therefore it adapts to any proposed form such as glasses, containers or sinks. In water music we use a system of pumps, pipes and taps to bring water into motion and therefore be able to structure it in time as well. We create sounds, noises and rythmical patterns. The body serves as a link between the rigid quality of the technical hardware and the unreliable shape of the water. To compose music with these extremes is an enormous challenge and requires practice and precision. In spite of our efforts to manipulate the water perfectly, there is no absolute control. We are obliged to respect its unpredictable reactions and integrate them in our compositions.

Tournee: Amiens (F), Jan, 16, 2007 / Blois (F), Jan, 20, 2007 / Hamburg, Kampnagel, Jan, 30 – Feb, 2, 2007 /

A production of Compagnie Felix Ruckert/Berlin e.V. / Coproduction: Dock 11 Berlin, NPN (Nationales Performance Netz), PACT Zollverein Essen, La Halle aux Grains-scène nationale de Blois, Kampnagel Hamburg, with the support of Senatsverwaltung für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kultur, Berlin.