Premiere on October, 19 -28, 2007 at schwelle7, Berlin

Dance, Costumes and Choreography: Lara Martelli and Felix Ruckert

Concept, Texts, Light and Stage: Felix Ruckert


Tournee: Berlin, schwelle7, Feb, 16&17, 2008 / Berlin, schwelle7, May 10&11, 2008 / Malmö (SWE), Institutet, May, 20, 2008 / Coventry (UK), Warwick Arts Centre, Nov, 15, 2008 / London, Candid Arts Trust, Nov, 16, 2008 / Bourges (FR), La Friche Emmetrop, Nov, 20, 2008 / Berlin, Uferhallen, Tanznacht, Dec, 7, 2008 / Berlin, schwelle7, April, 25&26, 2009 / Nancy, Totem- Maxéville, Sept, 30, 2009 / Berlin, schwelle7, Nov, 20&21, 2009 / Paris, Micadanses, Jan, 18&19, 2010 /





On Pain and Presence

is lecture/performance which reveals the connections between performance qualities and emotional states created by S/M Play. Presence and attitude, creativity and devotion, humor and grace are bound up with pain, fear, anger, depression and shame.


The two dancers, Felix Ruckert and Lara Martelli play with emotional conditions, developing them into roles through the help of costumes and props. These characters or embodied subpersonalities interact with one another and with the audience.

Both performers have extensive practical and theoretical skills in the fields of Dance and Sadomasochistic Practice. Playing with Control and the Loss of Control, Shame and Pride, Aggression and Kindness, Fear and Trust, offers them the possibility to safely approach intense emotions and to transform them into theatrical presence.

With these exemplary dances and scenes, as well as tasks and exercises for the audience they try to show the paralells and connections between theatre and BDSM Play.