DIE FARM (2008)

Premiere on Dec, 4, 2008 at schwelle7, Berlin

Performers: Dasniya Sommer, Outi Condit, Malou Lindholm, Felix Ruckert

Music: Gypsy Kings

 Stage, Light, Concept&Choreography: Felix Ruckert

Three female bodies are exposed in space. They are treated and confronted with different objects and material such as metal, water and air. The bodies are displayed without identity or movement, they are material, resource, live stock. They are reduced to attitude, breathing and the production of body fluids. Associations such as factory, laboratory or farm are induced. At first sight, one can be shocked by the potentially frightening esthetics of the installation, but through time, the unfolding of the actions and the extreme nearness of the bodies, one gets into a physical empathy with them. The initial effect transforms to deeply touching and even peaceful sensations. Philosophical, political and societal reflections may emerge, touching themes such as over-production and consumption, conditions of animal and human breeding, gender and stereotypes, respect and beauty.

Other performances: Berlin, schwelle7, xplore, Festival, July, 2008 / Berlin, schwelle7, May, 1-3, 2009

 This Production is still available for touring! –> scores and participatory events