“Dryade – A Dark Fairy” (2011)

 Premiere on Oct, 26, 2011 at schwelle7, Berlin

Text: Ladislav Klimt / Voice: Margarita Breitkreiz 

Live Percussion: Jürgen Grözinger

Rope Bondage: Felix Ruckert & Jana Scherle

 Concept: Jürgen Grözinger & Felix Ruckert


Written by the czech symbolist and nihilistic philosopher Ladislav Klimt,

“ZUR VENUS SPRICHT DIE DRYADE” is a dark journey into an abyssal fairy tale world:

A tree, that has a voice, a character: the dryade, a nymph, unholy and trapped for eternity, in in a love-hate relationship worshipping the beauty of „her“ star, venus.

Jürgen Grözinger aka Gagarino creates a dreamy soundscape of archaic percussion,abstract electronics and DJ set.

Felix Ruckert and Jana Scherle install a living, everchanging sculpture using techniques of Kinbaku (Japanese Rope Bondage).

Margarita Breitkreiz reads.



—> Video Clip “Dryade” on YouTube