I Am Not Your Mother (2012)

AñA Wojak is a Sydney based multi-discipinary artist working in painting, assemblage, site-specific installation and performance. Australian born, she studied in Gdansk, Poland and has been exhibiting for over 30 years with work at the National Gallery, Canberra and in many award exhibitions.

Performance artist since 1994, she moved from underground parties to galleries and festivals, and continues to create work that pushes the parameters of body art. Her work with senVoodoo (1999-2008) has been shown extensively in Australia, Europe, China and the Americas. She has also worked with Pacitti Company and La Pocha Nostra and appeared in festivals in China, Poland, Indonesia and Australia. She will be performing at Navinki Festival, Minsk Belarus in August 2012. AñA has presented workshops and performance at Xplore Festivals in Sydney and Berlin, most recently collaborating with acclaimed dancers Tony Yap and Brendan O’Connor.


Performance created for xplore Festival 2012, schwelle7, Berlin, July, 29, 2012

 by AñA Wojak & Felix Ruckert

All is not what it seems
in the whitewash
of family life…

There is unfinished business
linked by breath and blood…


Music: Györgi Ligeti

Concept, Choreography, Stage and Light: AñA Wojak & Felix Ruckert