The New Civilization Training

The New Civilization Training

Ten days in a Contemporary Monastery with Felix Ruckert and Micha Stella.

Summer 2023: 26th May to 4th June/ location near Berlin

Price: 950€ support ticket// 850€ normal income//  780€ low income

10 days, all included// with the purchase of a support ticket you allow people with low income to participate




ACTIVITIES: Bodywork, Yoga, Feldenkrais, Dance, Movement & Conscious Sexuality, Choir Singing and Music, Personal Growth and Metagenealogy, Hypnosis, Lectures and Talks, Silence and Meditation.

DIET: No phone, no internet, no sugar, no coffee, no gluten, no alcohol, no tobacco. 3 days minimal vegan/ vegetarian food, 7 days of complete fasting.


“For the first time in the modern age, adults are seriously considering the inalienable right of the individual to personal growth from a non-dogmatic and non-authoritarian standpoint. For the first time, we have a basis for believing that each individual’s existential freedom does not constitute a threat towards the community, but is rather vital to the continued health of the community as a whole.“ Jesper Juuls



We do not need god. Religion is not the solution, religion is the problem. Life itself is the best teacher. Why? Because it doesn’t care about you. Because life does not promise any reward. It is the reward.

Life offers for free all the miracles you need. The magic of music and dance, the mystery of the mind, the complexity of the body, the healing qualities of sex and sensuality? Are all these phenomena not more miraculous and astonishing than the circus tricks performed by gods and gurus?

Even though we do not think that discipline is something good per se, we believe it is useful when studying the mysteries of life. So the idea came up to work with discipline and structure, and to design a contemporary form of a monastery where the magical aspects of life can be studied in depth.

In the modern capitalist society, the rhythm of our lives is ruled according productivity needs and economical results. The control is total and tends to extend to all or habits, tastes and desires. Institutions, school, religion and police are there to support this system of values. Already as children we are trained to submit, in fear of rejection and exclusion.

The result is the world as we know: unfair distributions of wealth and resources, with 1 % of the people that control and own more then the other 99%; rigid separation of social classes and established gender roles, laws that support the interests of big corporations instead of addressing citizens needs and environmental issues. The time we must dedicate to work for money occupies the biggest part of our lives, at the expense of our free time. More value is given to economical growth then to personal one. Freedom, awareness and self-realization are not on the agenda; the religion of profit and consumption seems to conquer the whole world.

Nevertheless we believe that we as humans can attempt to build a different civilization, based on awareness, peace and love, able to guarantee the well being of all living beings.

Are you ready to train for that?

Micha Stella, Felix Ruckert, January 2016


We invite you to train the fundamental skills we believe necessary for a new civilization. Seeking for clarity, inspiration, health, creativity and freedom, we want to dedicate 10 days to expand our minds, bodies and souls. You will be placed in a field of extremes: reduction and focus, pleasure and well being. The structure and discipline will support you to reflect and challenge your personality, emotional landscape and routines and help you to explore your physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Like in a modern monastery, the rhythm of night & day is going to be embraced collectively; but moments of solitude and introspection are scheduled as well. We will focus on healthy eating habits and a period of Cleansing and Fasting, Physical Training and Body Work, Music and Singing practices, Deconstructing Childhood Traumas and  Meta-genealogic Patterns and Exploring and Developing Sexual Awareness.


Cleansing and Fasting

The first two days we will purify our bodies, eliminating from our diet : coffee, Sugar, dairy product, gluten, alcohol and tabacco. We will introduce a high consumption of cold pressed vegetables and fruits and super food like hemp, sprouts, maca and others. Then we will start during 6 days, drinking purifying and detoxifying herbal teas; every day will be dedicated to the care and detoxification of a particular organ and specific herbal tea will be use for this propose. The lasts two days we will gradually reintroduce solid food.


Physical Training and Body Work

Every morning, we will dedicate few hours to different physical and spiritual training such as Yoga, Feldenkrais, Morning walk, Dance and guided meditations. Then we will explore different kinds of massage techniques and bodywork.


Music and Singing Practice

The days and nights of the retreat will be structured by moments of a cappella singing. Producing sound collectively is an opportunity to express and release up coming emotions, to bath in vibrations and to celebrate the group process. At other times we will also engage in simple music making with instruments.


Personal Growth, Metagenealogy & Hypnotherapy

Inspired by the work of A. Jodorowsky and his Meta-genealogy, combine with  Acting Technics (M.Checov, C.Stanislavsi, L. Strasberg), Visualisations, and Hypnotherapy. (Rapid Transformation therapy/ Micha will invite you to explore different moments of your childhood with the intent of deconstructing traumas and “false Beliefs“ and gaining awareness on yourself. We will start together to rewrite an ensemble of “New beliefs“ more adapted to the fulfilment of our real need and able to guide and support us in our search for happiness and freedom.

We will also question the construction of our own identity and gender and talk about our individual experiences, sharing our feelings and reflections to understand how those imposed categories have affected our development and our lives. Together we will subvert all habits, language uses and elements connected with this old patriarchal system of values and suggesting new way to celebrate the differences between gender and between each individual.


Exploring and Developing Sexual Awareness

Unlike traditional western and most eastern spiritual paths we do not believe in the suppression of sexual impulses, we rather wish to integrate the sexual body in our daily practice. Each day a time will be dedicated to the sensual and sexual body: to question and reach a deeper understanding of our sexual being, to safely explore fantasies, taboos and desires and to celebrate sexuality as a tool for heath, connection and well-being.


References and quotes

We must cease once and for all to describe the effects of power in negative terms: it ‘excludes’, it ‘represses’, it ‘censors’, it ‘abstracts’, it ‘masks’, it ‘conceals’.  In fact power produces; it produces reality; it produces domains of objects and rituals of truth.  The individual and the knowledge that may be gained of him belong to this production’ (Foucault 1991: 194).

These ‘general politics’ and ‘regimes of truth’ are the result of scientific discourse and institutions, and are reinforced (and redefined) constantly through the education system, the media, and the flux of political and economic ideologies. In this sense, the ‘battle for truth’ is not for some absolute truth that can be discovered and accepted, but is a battle about ‘the rules according to which the true and false are separated and specific effects of power are attached to the true’… a battle about ‘the status of truth and the economic and political role it plays’(Foucault, in Rabinow 1991). This is the inspiration for Hayward’s focus on power as boundaries that enable and constrain possibilities for action, and on people’s relative capacities to know and shape these boundaries (Hayward 1998).

Foucault was fascinated by the mechanisms of prison surveillance, school discipline, systems for the administration and control of populations, and the promotion of norms about bodily conduct, including sex. He studied psychology, medicine and criminology and their roles as bodies of knowledge that define norms of behaviour and deviance. Physical bodies are subjugated and made to behave in certain ways, as a microcosm of social control of the wider population, through what he called ‘bio-power’.  Disciplinary and bio-power create a ‘discursive practice’ or a body of knowledge and behaviour that defines what is normal, acceptable, deviant, etc. – but it is a discursive practice that is nonetheless in constant flux (Foucault 1991).

The crowd, a compact mass, a locus of multiple exchanges, individualities merging together, a collective effect, is abolished and replaced by a collection of separated individualities. From the point of view of the guardian, it is replaced by a multiplicity that can be numbered and supervised; from the point of view of the inmates, by a sequestered and observed solitude (Bentham, 60-64).



“…We were 16 people, 14 of them total strangers to me and had ten days of intense and challenging experiences together, including six days of fasting (no food, no drugs, no internet, no cigarettes, no coffee). They where always there, when I needed them, they nourished me with their gentle hugs, their nice words, their voices, their touch, their stories, their tears and their laughter, their love and their entire being as they are.“


“…I´m so thankful that I could have this time for me and my personal growth. My body and my mind are so very clean and clear now.“


“…We had intense talks, torturing body exercises, long walks, lots of singing, even at three o´clock in the middle of the night, a strict schedule, yoga and very very much herbal tea.“


“…even though I wasn’t very enthusiastic about the fasting, it was glorious to have that first bite of an apple when we were finally allowed to eat again“


“…all in all, the experience was an inspiring one, and in spite of its flaws, I often find myself thinking back on it.“


“The discipline helped us to survive the hunger you didn´t just had the time to think about food. “


“The mind became clearer and clearer and we got nearer and nearer to our feelings.

I felt such deep love.“


Fucking and Fasting / report by Rebecca Frances (deutsch/ english)

Der 4. Tag. Ich möchte nur noch kriechen, überall hin. Allein auf die Füsse zu kommen fühlt sich zuviel an, undenkbar die Treppe runter zu gehen für meinen „Morning-Shot“ aus Kokosmilch. Ja, der „Morgen-Schuss“. Genau zwischen die Augen. Auf was in aller Welt habe ich mich hier eingelassen? 7 Tage Fasten. Ein 10-Tage „Retreat“. In Polen. Im Winter. „The New Civilization Training“ (TNCT) ist eine Fastenwoche mit Extras, es vereint BDSM, Körperarbeit, Yoga, Chorsingen und Perkussion. Und heute morgen sehen die Workshop Leiter so verdammt entspannt und fröhlich aus, dass ich fast ein bisschen wütend auf sie werde. „Heute geht es mir großartig!“ teilt Felix mit, der das Retreat mit anleitet. „Voller Energie und sehr klar“ fügt er hinzu. Ich bin sprachlos. An diesem Punkt entschließe ich mich, ihn für einen Außerirdischen zu halten, der zufällig den Körper eines über 50 Jährigen bewohnt, in der Lage zu fasten, ein retreat zu leiten, mit hungrigen, launischen, manchmal rebellischen Teilnehmern klarzukommen und genug Energie abends noch SM zu spielen.

Its day 4. I feel like crawling, everywhere. Its too much to even think about hoisting myself up on my hind legs to go downstairs and get the morning shot of coconut water. Yeah, morning shot. In my face. What on earth did I sign up for? 7 days of fasting. A 10 day retreat. In Poland. In winter. The New Civilization Training (TNCT) is a fasting retreat with a twist, integrating BDSM, bodywork, yoga, choral practices and sounding. And this morning the workshop leaders look so fucking dapper and smiley I’m almost angry at them. “Today I feel really great!” shares Felix, who co-leads the retreat. “Full of energy and very clear,” he continues. …There are no words. By this point, I am resolved to assume that he is an extraterrestrial ingeniously inhabiting a 50-somethings body in order to be able to fast, run the retreat, deal with rebellious, emotional, hungry participants and still have energy to play BDSM in the evening.

Jetzt die eigentliche Frage: Warum tue ich mir das an? Ich werde jetzt nicht die unzähligen gesundheitlichen Vorteile des Fastens aufzählen. Für einschlägige Artikel zum Thema einfach „ Fasten – gut?“ googlen. Fasten gibt dem Körper Gelegenheit sich auf eine Weise zu verjüngen und zu revitalisieren wie keine andere Diät oder Fitnesstechnik es vermag. Man kann es einen, drei bis sieben, oder vierzig Tage tun, genau wie Jesus. Unsere Fastenfähigkeit ist eingebaut, wir nutzen sie einfach nicht mehr, weil es Aldi gibt.

Now the more salient question: why would I do this? I am not going to reiterate the endless physical benefits of fasting. For health-related articles on why it is advantageous, google ‘fasting – good?’ or read something like this <> . Fasting gives the body the opportunity to rejuvenate and revitalize itself in ways that no other diet or fitness regime can. It can be undertaken for anything from 1 to 3 to 7 to 40 days, just like Jesus. Our capacity to fast is inbuilt into our body system, we just don’t use this capacity any more because we have Aldi.

Der Unterschied hier: Obwohl ich faste und meinem Körper etwas antue was er eigentlich nicht mag, verschaffe ich im gleichzeitig Vergnügen, eine ganze Menge physischer und emotionaler Stimuli, was er sehr mag. Die Workshopleiter und Erfinder Felix Ruckert und Michaela Bagnoli haben die Fastentage mit Aktivitäten vollgepackt – für Körper, Geist, Libido und Gefühl. Das ist eine erfrischende Neuerung im Gegensatz zur einsamen Introspektion gewöhnlicher Wellness Retreats. Es erscheint verrückt, den normalerweise assozieren wir „kein Essen“ mit „keine Kraft“ und daher auch „kein Spass“, aber beim TNCT gibt es mehr Kontakt und Interaktion als in jedem anderen Training an dem ich bisher teilgenommen habe. Abgesehen von den drei Stunden „Stille“ am Nachmittag, die ich – ehrlich gesagt – fast religiös einhielt, in dem ich nach dem Morgenprogramm auf der Stelle umkippte. Ansonsten ist der Tag voll, von 6 Uhr früh bis 22 00 Uhr abends, manchmal länger.

The difference here is that even though I fast, and put my body through something it doesn’t consciously like to do, I also give it pleasure and stimulation emotionally and physically, which it definitely does like to do. Workshop creators and facilitators Felix Ruckert and Michaela Bagnoli pack the days of fasting full with activities for body, mind, libido and emotions. It is a refreshing change to the solitary introspective approach of other wellness retreats. It seems ludicrous, because we normally attribute ‘no food’ to ‘no energy’ and therefore ‘no fun’, but on the NCT there is more contact time than any other retreat I have ever been on. Apart from the afternoon 3 hours of silence, which to be honest, I have kept to religiously by passing out in the same position as I finished the morning workshop, you are busy from 6 in the morning until 10 at night, or later.

Hier ein Standardtag: Wir starten mit einem kurzen gemeinsamen Singen, noch bei Kerzenschein. Das klingt katholischer als es ist. Wir machen einfach Lärm. Im Kreis. Manchmal harmonisch. Oft weniger. Dann gibt es einen „Shot“ Kokosmilch. Ja, ja ich höre schon die Hard Core Faster meckern: „Aber mit Kokosmilch ist es kein richtiges Fasten.“ Du kannst auch auf den „Shot“ verzichten. Einmal habe ich das ganze retreat lang nur Wasser getrunken. Versuch es selbst. Nach dem „Shot“ gibt es einen knackigen einstündigen Spaziergang durch den magischen Feenwald rund um das Haus. (Der Boden wird meiner Meinung nach regelmässig neu justiert: die Pfade werden von Tag zu Tag steiler.)

I run you through a standard day. We start with a short singing practice by candlelight. It sounds much more Catholic than it actually is. We just make noise. In a circle. Sometimes with harmony. Mostly not. Then comes a shot of coconut water – yes I can hear you hardcore fast-ers: “But if you drink coconut water then that’s not fasting.” You can choose not to have the shot. I tried doing the whole retreat just on water once too. Come and try… Once we have shot up, there is a brisk 1-hour walk through the magical fairy forest by the house (which I swear they tilt periodically because the paths we take get steeper every day).

Wenn wir zurück sind machen wir eine Stunde Yoga, mit speziellen Übungen zum „Organ des Tages“. Wir trinken eine Tee zum Thema, ausgewählt um den Köper zur Selbstreinigung anzuregen. Anschließend Körperarbeit und Hypnose mit Michaela, ausgebildet vom britischen Hypnose Star Marisa Peer. Wir machen ein paar abgefahrene psychologische Spiele und untersuchen unsere Familiengeschichte. Das ist ziemlich überraschend, da ich kaum glauben kann wie offen und verletzlich ich trotz leeren Magens sein möchte. Dann gibt es eine Gesprächsrunde. Natürlich eine Gesprächsrunde. Es ist ein retreat, alles klar? Und es ist so schön zu sehen wie knapp und präzise Leute sein können wenn sie tief im emotionalen Prozess sind, gleichzeitig aber am liebsten sofort Schlafengehen möchten.

When we come back, we do an hour of yoga focused on the organ most affected by that day’s fasting. We drink a tea from a bespoke selection designed to help our body cleanse. Then body work and hypnosis with Michaela who is certified by leading UK Hypnotist Marisa Peer. We do some trippy psychological games, playing with family relations, which is super surprising to me because I can’t believe how open and exposed I am still willing to be when I have nothing in my belly. There is a sharing. There has to be a sharing. It’s a retreat. And it is so fucking interesting to see how concise people can be when they are in a strong emotional process but who also really really want to go sleeping.

Am Nachmittag ruhen wir. Wenn wir am Abend die Stille brechen und uns wieder zusammen finden machen wir Klänge, Rhythmen und Gesänge die uns wieder daran erinnern, dass dies auch ein Gruppenprozess ist. Das bereitet uns mental auf die angebotene Abendaktivität vor. Den Sex- und Sinnlichkeits- Workshop. Jeden Abend geht es um ein anderes Thema. Es ist ein Potpourri von sinnlichem Spass, von Tantramassagen zu Seil Bondage, von Dominanz- und Unterwerfungs- Szenarien zu freiem sexuellen Spiel. Zusätzlich zu der intensiven individuellen Erfahrung wird uns enger körperlicher Kontakt zu den Anderen ermöglicht, werden wir ermutigt zu teilen und zu empfangen. Ich überrasche mich immer wieder selbst wie sehr ich diese Intimität genieße, und wie geil ich bin, auch ganz ohne Essen. Frustrierenderweise muss ich zugeben dass ich nicht einmal hungrig bin, wenn ich geil bin. Es frustriert mich, weil ich mich eigentlich beschweren möchte. Ich möchte, dass es schiefgeht. Ich bin übellaunig. Aber ich kann nicht abstreiten dass kein Gedanke ferner ist, als der an Kartoffel-Chips, wenn ich mir in einem Raum voller Menschen körperliches Vergnügen bereite. Lustigerweise passen Ficken und Fasten sehr gut zusammen !!!

In the afternoon, we rest. When we regroup in the evening, to break the silence we sound together, tapping or singing that once more reminds us that this is also a group process. It mentally prepares us for the evening’s offered activity: a workshop on sex and sensuality. We cover a different theme every night. It’s a potpourri of sexy fun, from tantra massage to playing dominance and submission to play parties. For such a tough individual journey, we are constantly thrown back into close, physical contact with those around us, encouraged to share and receive. I surprise myself again at how much I enjoy this intimacy, and how horny I am, without food. Frustratingly, I have to admit that I am even not hungry when I’m horny. I am frustrated about this because I want to complain. I want it to not be going right. I am grumpy. But I cannot deny that when I’m self pleasuring in a room full of people, I am absolutely not thinking about crisps. Funnily enough, fucking and fasting goes really well!

Dieses Amalgan aus Fasten und körperlicher, speziell sexueller Betätigung hat viele Vorteile. Erstens, ich höre besser zu. Ohne Essen bin ich still. Ich bin langsam. Ich denke lange darüber nach, bevor ich meinen Arm hebe um mir dieses Glas Wasser einzuschenken, und ich kann mit messerscharfer Klarheit erkennen wie sehr mich nach besagtem Wasser oder besagtem Schwanz verlangt. Ich behandle meine Sexualität und meinen Körper mit großem Einfühlungsvermögen: Was bin ich wirklich in der Lage zu tun? Was will ich wirklich tun? Was brauche ich wirklich, genau jetzt? Die körperliche Leere verhilft zu einer geistigen Klarheit, die sich in meiner sinnlichen Wahrnehmung spiegelgleich wiederfindet: Ich reagiere sensibler auf Berührung, auf Klang, auf Geschmack und Geruch – und es sind diese sinnlichen Eindrücke die meine Sexualität befeuern, nicht mein Verstand. Mein Verstand ist auf Urlaub. Er hat schon vor zwei Tagen aufgegeben, als er zum zweiundfünfzigsten Mal nach einer Avocado gefragt hat – und ich zum zweiundfünfzigsten Mal „Nein“ gesagt habe. Ich entwickle eine erhöhte Sensibilität für die Unterscheidung zwischen einem inneren Gefühl das mir sagt – „Ich will das er mich will, damit ich mich attraktiv fühle“ – und einer instinktiven inneren Stimme – „Ich will ihn. Ich will seine Haut schmecken.“

The amalgamation of fasting and physical, specifically sexual practices has many benefits. Firstly, I listen more. Without food, I am quiet, I am slow, I deeply consider just how much I want to move my arm and pick up the glass of water and I can feel with razor-sharp clarity how great my desire is for said water or said cock. I approach my sexuality, and my body, with gentle compassion; what am I really able to do? What do I really want to do? What do I really need right now? The physical emptiness facilitates a mental clarity that is reflected in my own perception of my senses; I am more sensitive to touch, to sound, to smell and taste, and these senses drive my sexuality, not my mind. My mind is on vacation. It gave up 2 days ago after it asked for the 52nd time for an avocado and I said ‘No’. There is a heightened sense of the differentiation between my emotional inner voice – “I want him to want me because that makes me feel attractive.” – and my instinctive inner voice – “I want him. I want to taste his skin.”

Zweitens lehre ich mich selbst in einer körperlichen Erfahrung zu sein und dabei präsent zu bleiben. Dies ist keine asketische Praxis in der man mich beschwört „mich nicht anzuhaften“, meine körperlichen Bedürfnisse zu verneinen und „gute Gedanken“ zu denken. Ich versuche nicht vor körperlicher Erfahrung weg zu laufen, sondern sie in Bewegung und Berührung anzunehmen und zu lieben. Ich und mein Körper und die Körper der Anderen können sich einander zuwenden und in diesem leeren, ungewohnten und unbenannten Zustand etwas Neues entdecken: in den Körper eingeschriebene Wahrheiten, die zu leise, zu versteckt und zu subtil sind um sonst gespürt zu werden

Secondly, I teach myself how to be in a physical experience and stay present. This is not an ascetic practice where I am encouraged to be unattached, to deny my physical desires, to ‘think good thoughts’. I am not trying to run away from my bodily experience, but through touch and movement, to embrace and accept it. Me and my body and the bodies of the other participants are steered towards one another, and in this empty, unfamiliar, unknown state, discover embodied truths that otherwise are too quiet, too hidden, too subtle to normally be noticed.

Diese Gelegenheit wirklich auf mich zu hören und zugleich auf Andere, reflektiert sich poetisch in den kurzen Gesangsrunden, die locker über den ganzen Tag verteilt sind. Singen im Chor ist äußerst angstbesetzt für Viele. Die Aufgabe uns stimmlich auszudrücken und öffentlich zu singen, emotional zu „performen“ zeitigt große Unsicherheiten und bringt wichtige persönliche Themen ans Licht. Einen Rhythmus zu halten, Zeit und Harmonie mit einer Gruppe zu teilen, stellt Fragen zu „Gemeinschaft“ und „Gesellsschaft“: Gehöre ich dazu? Passe ich rein? Darf ich sein? Wird meine Stimme gehört? Wie sehr nervt es mich dass der Andere nicht aufpasst, sein Quäken geht mir auf den Geist, hör endlich auf, bitte… Bin ich wirklich ein empathisches, soziales Wesen? Was sind meine Erwartungen an die, mit denen ich den Raum teile?

Unnötig zu sagen, hier geht es um emotionale Nacktheit und irritierender weise wird diese nicht nur durch die körperliche Nacktheit und Akzeptanz in den Sex- und Sinnlichkeits- Workshops unterstützt, sondern auch in den Sessions zur Persönlichkeitsentwicklung reflektiert und genährt (and reviewed). Falls also die selbst applizierten Einläufe Dir nicht beibringen mit der „eigenen Scheisse“ umzugehen, besorgt das die einmalige Kombination der anderen Aktivitäten im Retreat.

This opportunity to really listen to myself, and to others, is poetically reflected in the sounding and voice workshops that are peppered throughout the day. Choral work is a huge trigger for many people. Our ability to express ourselves and to sing or perform in public brings out often long-abandoned insecurities or issues. Holding a rhythm, keeping in time with a group and singing in harmony spark questions around ‘community’ and ‘society’: how do I fit in? How much do I let my voice be heard? How annoyed am I that he is just not paying attention and why can’t he get it right that noise is excruciating make it stop! …Am I really a compassionate social being, or what are my expectations on those with whom I share my space?
Needless to be said that this emotional nudity and, admittedly, irritability is supported not only by the physical nudity and acceptance enforced in the sex and sensuality evenings but reviewed and nurtured in the personal development sessions. So if the self-administrated enemas were not helping you ‘deal with your shit’, no doubt the unique combination of activities offered will.

Ganz ehrlich, es ist überaus beindruckend, dass Menschen die keinerlei Fastenerfahrung oder besondere körperliche Vorbereitung mitbringen, nach 7 Tagen ohne Essen immer noch – wenn es ihnen beliebt – eine Ganzkörper-Tantramassage genießen oder eine hitzige Debatte über die politischen Aspekte von Ernährung führen können. Indem es die richtige Menge an Vorgaben, an Stimulation und Inspiration liefert, zeigt das Retreat wie gründlich es durchdacht ist. TNCT ist fraglos eine einmalige Gelegenheit tiefer in die eigene Psyche, in Gewohnheiten und Muster einzusteigen, sich selbst auf die nackten Knochen des Seins zu reduzieren und einen genauen Blick auf die persönliche Beziehung zu Ernährung, Sex, den Mitmenschen und die Gesellschaft zu werfen.

That people with no previous experience of fasting and no specific preparatory physical training, can enjoy a full body tantric massage if they so please, or have a heated discussion about food as a political lever after being without food for 7 days is, frankly, supremely impressive. It really shows how well the retreat is designed, to give the right level of stimulus, input, and space for inspiration. The NCT is unquestionably a unique opportunity to go deeper into your own psyche, habits and patterns, reduce yourself back to the bare bones of being and take a second look at your relationship to food, to sex, to other humans, and to society at large.