Participatory Performance created for the FINAL CELEBRATION of schwelle7, Berlin

Premiere on Feb, 12, 2016 at schwelle7, Berlin

Performers: Amalion, Wilhelmus Franken, Marie Golüke, Jürgen Grözinger, Yolanda Marty, Sarka Prikrylova, Sarah Sabin, Jana Scherle, Nehra Stella

Dramaturgy, Management: Rebecca Egeling

 Concept & Choreography: Felix Ruckert


Radically Happy_schwelle7_the piece is an invitation to a temporary autonomous zone. A space without taboos held together by choreography. The result of a choreographic career on the one hand and ten years of body research on the other.

Since 2007 Felix Ruckert runs Schwelle7 as a permanent art venue for the practical and philosophical study of the interface between art and sexuality. He’s the founder of the discourse about sexuality in dance and pioneered a contemporary conception of the dancing body. Schwelle7 will lose its location on the 31st of May 2016. After being moored in a fixed location, Radically Happy_schwelle7_the piece transforms a special place into a special experience. With this piece, Ruckert connects to his success as an internationally renowned choreographer and carries his studies from the studio to society. Ruckert made a name for himself as the enfant terrible of the Berlin dance scene. Funded by the the Berliner Senat from 1998 to 2006, he created Hautnah, Ring (1998), Secret Service (2002) and may other performances and installations. While dissolving the separation between performers and spectators Ruckert centers on the dance-inherent themes of voyeurism, sexuality and lust, and integrates these topics into genuine participatory formats. Radically Happy_schwelle7_the piece helps turn his emancipatory work with regard to dance into a particle accelerator for emancipatory change in the world. His understanding of dance greatly contributes to the dissolution of individual and social constructs.