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Felix Ruckert | S_M_ Sensual_Magic (2016)

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S_M_ Sensual_Magic (2016)

Performance created for the FINAL CELEBRATION of schwelle7, Berlin, Feb, 26, 2016

Performers: Nehra Stella, Sarka Prikrylova, Jennifer Kaergel, Elise Missall, Flozif, Verena Hehl, Jeanne Chapy, Beate Absalon, Alice-Linnea Suits, Caprice Dilba, Sarah Sabin, Delta RA’i, Ludwig Hagmeier, Tua Herbst, Danilo Andres Sepulveda Cofre, Wilhelmus Franken, Outi Condit, Matthias Püschner, Stefano Taiuti, Schnuppi, Alex Madl, Anna Natt, Kiki Jackson

 Music: soundscapes created by the performers

 Choreography, Light and Stage: Felix Ruckert