schwelle7 – my view


From 2007 to 2016 I directed the performance space schwelle7 in Berlin- Wedding. At schwelle7  I juxtaposed my private life and my artistic practices, fusing them into a choreography that lasted nine years.  I consider schwelle7 a masterpiece and my ultimate participatory performance.

There are many texts about schwelle7 and there is a beautiful movie by Paola Calvo called

Violently Happy –

which documents the happenings there. It was shown in movie theaters all over Germany from January to August 2017. ->Buy DVD

Another very cool document is What is schwelle7 for you? – by Micha Stella, with answers of our guests.

The complete program 2007-2016 you can still find at the schwelle7 web site: -> 


(Note: There is still a schwelle7 in Vienna and also a schwelle Sydney, both venues being directed by dear friends of mine and loosely inspired by the original, but – of course – not comparable!)