xplore Berlin 2008


The focus of xplore07 was on emotion and reflection. This year the focus is on the practical application of objects and substances. We will be investigating a variety of materials from different viewpoints and link them to sexuality and the body. Many of the workshops will not be tutorials as such, more a shared experience and activity. We are planning scenes, installations and music to enable interactive, individual and practical access.

As befits the theme, we have invited a larger number of lecturers than usual this year, and as always many workshops have been designed exclusively for xplore. And there is of course as usual the standing invitation to our fabulous finale party on Sunday evening.

Welcome to our playground!

Performance and action

Elektra and Mark: nude partner Yoga 

Dasniya Sommer: precision fetish

Jess Curtis: nude symmetry score

Theatre Existenziell alias Godzilla und Bambi

Peter and MonaBlue: submission school

Rudolf and Felix Ruckert: expansion

Felix Ruckert: conceptual orgy

Magnetismus: crossdressing orgy

Elettra de Salvo: empathy


hard stuff

Paula L. Rosengarthen: steel and binding

Strangelove: knifes


soft stuff

Domina Pia: feces

Norah Nova: food

Magnetismus: Tissue

Violetta: Latex

Peter: plush animal fetish



Laudana: water and other liquids

Liebesschule: oil

Domina Pia: urine



Mo Herzinger: fire

Steffen: electricity

Wolfgang Sterneck: drugs