xplore Berlin 2010

  • Style: "Ficken"

Evolution – Levels Of Increased Decadence

The seventh edition of xplore is dedicated to the topic of “evolution” – in a biological, but also a societal sense. We will examine biology, the diverse animalistic influences on life and love, and our kinship to the sexuality of other lifeforms.

What is the biological mechanism of our sexuality? What archaic laws determine the function of eyes, mouth, nose and ears, skin and genitals? How are smell, taste and touch involved?

History, too, will be addressed in several workshops, in the form of sexual culture and traditions. And perhaps we will be able to glimpse the future, and contemplate the path that alternative loving and a constantly expanding idea of sexuality will take.

What is socially relevant, what is political in sexual expression? Can we, as sexual explorers, give new impulses? For an affirmation of sensuality, but also against its stagnation? For the lifting of bans, but also against half-hearted liberality? Against anaesthetising our touch but also against touchiness? For a peaceful world, but also against a stigmatizing of aggressive impulses?

Seven years of xplore have enriched us, have let a constantly expanding network of friends and acquaintances emerge. In the past year, we had a record number of visitors with about 280 participants from all over the world. At schwelle7, xplore has found a permanent venue, where the spirit of xplore is continued year-round, and new things are tried.

Felix Ruckert, Berlin 2010