xplore Berlin 2011


xplore 2011 is dedicated to the theme of SUBLIMATION. According to Freud all cultural accomplishments are only a transformation, a refinement and a spiritualization of dark desires. Literally SUB LIMEN means the higher level or the next threshold, thus it follows that the lower you start, the higher you can rise. And after all, the journey is the reward, isn’t it???

Regarding physics SUBLIMATION also means the direct transition of matter from solid to gaseous form. In nature this rarely happens since usually there is the intermediate liquid phase. Moreover such direct transition requires the supply of a great deal of energy – which is why I now can not think of any example. Doesn’t matter anyway, I only wanted to introduce the image.

So on the agenda I’d like to have the solid, the concrete, the tangible, but also the ephemeral, the inconcrete, the intangible. The liquefactions in between I’d like to leave to the participants. Thus the xplore-program 2011 is, roughly speaking, moving in two directions: partly into extreme, disputed sexual practice, then again towards the more subtle, artistic transformations of sexual energy. Both concepts will be merged in the program under the terms of ART and ARTISANRY (“Kunst und Konkretes”).

Since we don’t want to bore you, we’re becoming more radical, more confusing and more exertive.

Furthermore we have realized to install a local branch of xplore – in Sydney – with a mixture of established xplore workshop instructors and local lecturers.

Welcome to our playground!



Corps à Corps – Nude Drawing – Couples Alain Jadot  
S&M and Representation Catherine Corringer  
Sickness anonymous  
Ballet for Bloody Beginners Felix Ruckert  
Baba Yaga’s Bastard Child R. P.  
Fuck me Gently into the Night R. P.  
Musical Orgy with Singing Bowls Michael Wüst  
I am Yours – Live Installation Performance Vania Rovisco & Norbert Pape  


Genderfuck with Masks Anna Peak  
Needle Kites and Decorative Piercing Anna Peak  
Flagellation I+II delta®  
Spanking, Canes and Crops delta®  
Live Burial Don  
Interrogation Play Don  
CBT – Cock and Balls Torture Moira & Tua  
Bullwhip Nala  
Trampling Nala  
Bondage and Blades Shadow  


Kinky people fuck up, too Anna Peak  
The Primal Horde Peter Banki  
Money: The Last Taboo Peter Banki  
Submissive Pattern Henri  
BDSM and The Postmodern Era Henri