xplore Roma 2013

The Liquid Body

As we all know, the human body consists of 70 % of water, we spend the first moments of our existence in water, later on we indulge in foam baths and under showers and often we spend our summer vacations at the water.  Water nourishes, cleans, relaxes and heals us. The human body loves to float and to swim, to slipper and slide..

Humidity, fluidity and lubrication are essential elements of sexual interaction as well. Making the body liquids flow and come to the surface, in form of tears, saliva, spit, squirt or sperm is mostly accompanied by intense emotions: The body gets turned on, the body gets turned inside out. We liquefy. We melt. We fuse more easily with ourselves and with others.

The inspiration for this theme for the second edition of xplore – the art of lust – in Rome came quite easily when we visited the fantastic new xplore location at Borgo Paola, 40 minutes from the center of Rome near Lake Bracciano. The location is constructed over the ancient sources of  Acqua Paola, in an area of 2000 hectars of  forest, hills and little creeks.

Besides some beautiful studios the place offers a big swimming pool, where many of this year’s workshops will take place: Dancing under water, Floating on the water and Drowning in the water can be xplored, as well as other pleasures and fantasies linked to nature and water, from Live Burial to Outdoor Bondage, from Playing with Mud to Ritual Feet Washing. So come on out.

Welcome to our play ground.


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Sensual Touch Ambra  
Dancing with Clay Amrita Joy  
Dancing under Water Amrita Joy  
Sexy Bones Barbara  
The String Theory (Performance) Barbara  
The Sensuality of Nature Barbara  
Foot Washing delta®  
Foot Torture delta®  
Out Door Flogging delta®  
Shame Felix Ruckert  
Tears Felix Ruckert  
Liquid Charm Gustavo Frigerio  
The Jeweller (Performance) Khyram & Julius  
Out Door Bondage Maestro BD  
Bondage Theory Maestro BD  
Water Bondage Maestro BD  
SSC vs RACK Maestro BD  
My-Mask Mirko Dettori  
Rhythm on Bodies Mirko Dettori  
Eros – First Act Monica Maggi  
The Memory of the Body Monica Maggi  
Beech – Hypothesis 1-3 Nicoletta Cabassi  
Floating Paradoxa  
Drowning Paradoxa  
Interrogation Sheila Crux & Frank Taherkhani  
Water Wrestling/Play Fight