xplore Berlin 2015


For the first time this year, in addition to the workshop program, we will also install three permanent play spaces. They are thematically named:




(fri + sat 1pm-9pm, sun 1pm-open end)

This is a labyrinth-like ensemble of shacks with an outdoor area and a sun deck, equipped for bodywork, rope bondage and all kinds of massage. xplore guests are invited to come to a meeting point and trade all forms of physical treatments – from academic/professional to improvised/intuitive, supported by a cast of experts. In the same space you also find opportunities for creative expression and play with materials. A café and a smoothie bar complete the setting. A place for manual activities and relaxation, accompanied by gentle electronic music and flute play.

In the bodywork lounge the Cacao Ceremony directed by London Faerie (Saturday, 6pm) and Vagina Way – a Birth Experience by ZohaR (Sunday, 4pm) will take place as well as
the Body Hair Clinik by Linda Priha: three appointments on each day of the festival at 5pm, 5:20pm and 5:40pm  >>> Please register at the Festival’s BOXOFFICE.  You can register as a single, a couple or a trio (1-3 people at one session)

Artistic director: Shadow / Musicians: Lorenzo Colocci & Vincenzo Pedata, add. on Saturday Emilio Gordoa



(fri + sat 1pm-9pm, sun 1pm-7pm)

This is a former industrial space suffused with light. Inspired by the concept Ocean Of Other, the monthly new moon play party at schwelle7. Light and sound create a concentrated atmosphere for individual processes, collective actions and deep play. Three exceptional musicians provide tempo, rhythm and color for an ever-changing celebration.
Attention: This is a silent space. No verbal expression, communication only by little notes and messages. To underline the special atmosphere some dressing up is required.

Musicians: Andy Benz, Kay Karl, Jürgen Grözinger



(fri + sat 1pm-9pm, sun 1pm-7pm)

In the former goods station of Alte Boerse the performance KINGDOM (Felix Ruckert, 2006) will evolve. This participatory improvisation theatre piece is based on dominant-submissive roleplay combined with elements of systemic constellation. It invites the audience into a fantasy world – unreal, nevertheless made of flesh and blood. A mysterious queen reigns over a small, but colorful population. Or is she a king? The court is run by a Master of Ceremony, a fool creates chaos and grace, witches and magicians perform strange rituals. A precise protocol regulates the proceedings, positions are assigned, tasks appointed, favors are given and taken away. Punishment and exile await the disobedient subject. For each visitor a specific role is created, he/she is introduced to the sovereign and then integrated into the hierarchy.

Concept: Felix Ruckert
Performer: Danilo Andres, Hashnu Khan, Isabella Lewandowski, Jana Scherle, Julius Elo, Maggie Tapert, Marie Golüke, Ottokar Lehrner, Rebecca Jackson, Reinhard Gaida, Sebastian Fischer, Tarren Johnson, Camille Bowen, Gerard Reyes, Iva Samina, Larissa Sophie Bolz, Klara Luhmen, Mareen Scholl, Nina Peter, Nehra Stella, Sarah Brodsky, Sarah Sabin, Surjan and others…

Heading for New Shores

The twelfth edition of xplore Berlin brings a renewal and expansion of the original recipe. As we will lose the schwelle7 space in Uferstrasse by the end of the year, we wish to realize a very big xplore this time, which provides inspiration, challenge and pleasure for a maximum of participants.
We have therefore decided to move the festival to the premises of Alte Börse Marzahn, which offers enough space for a program twice the previous size. In addition to the usual 42 different workshops on the art of lust we will install three more permanent spaces that are dedicated to open play and interactive concepts:

– a MASSAGE EXCHANGE where you can trade all kind of massages and bodywork as well as bondage sessions. All day long and under the guidance of several experts.

– a SILENT SPACE that offers a concentrated frame for intense play of all kinds in a soundscape that is produced live by some fabulous musicians, inspired by the concept of our new moon party OCEAN OF OTHER.

– a remake of the KINGDOM project, a participatory performance by Felix Ruckert which consists of a parallel world, structured by dominant-submissive role play and elements of systemic constellation: a very theatrical score that develops a strong dynamic and generates intense, touching (and often very funny) experiences.

Welcome to our playground.


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THE WORKSHOPS: Panel of Pioneers/ Old Stagers/ Fresh Meat & Small Fry


The Panel of Pioneers features well known heroes and early seekers from different currents of the sexpositive (r)evolution. Besides a common panel discussion, we asked to the pioneers to give their favorite workshop (Carte blanche à…) and be available for an intimate talk (In bed with…).

The Old Stagers represent popular and experienced presenters of the xplore family – notorious examples of incorrigible sexual disorientation.

 And last not least, the department Fresh Meat & Small Fry offers a platter of new names and new concepts.




Carte blanche à Claudia Muehl/Self-Expression with Antonis Anissegos at the piano

Carte blanche à Deborah Sundahl/ Female Ejaculation and the G-Spot

Carte blanche à delta®/ The Kissing Whip and the Art of Implementing it

Carte blanche à Maggie Tapert/ Guru Supermarket

Carte blanche à Matthias T.J. Grimme/ Bondage and Contact



Body Play Ground
Frank T. Khani & Sheila Crux

Session Scripting

Bad Girls / Hygiene and Safety

Nude Partner Yoga / Prostate Massage
Jorgos Periklis

Vaginal Mapping / Vulva Torture

Cock Training
Tua & Moira

An Other Orgy
Saskia & Konstantin

Tango Shoreless
Anja & Mark



Body Hair Clinik
Linda Priha

Vagina Way – Birth Experience / Adult Baby Massage

Kinky Breathing / The Pack
Maranta Rubiera

The Alchemy of BDSM
Dr. Sacha Kagan

Rope and Music
The Joker

Pain Processing – The Tantric Perspective
Jana Goetzova

Ball Torture
Servile Jerome

The Geometry of Fire / Cacao Ceremony
London Faerie

Nehra Stella

The Naked Dance
Salvatore Viviano

Uro (Dance Performance)
Anna Natt