xplore Vienna 2014

Sense. Senses. Sensuality


At xplore, we believe that the distinction between so-called ‘normal’ sexuality and kink is not only impossible but redundant. We brim over with enthusiasm for the sheer variety and volume of creative scenarios inspired by our desires.

Furthermore, we get behind the (r)evolutionary potential of non-biased, intelligent and courageous experiments which embrace the possibility of a body-mind-soul convolute.

In progressive societies we are slowly coming round to the realisation that a fulfilled sexuality is not a luxury. Now we believe that it is time to demystify its secrets. Far from destroying enchantment through analysis, we wish to throw light into the sexual realm in order to provide us with the tools to enchant ourselves.

At xplore in Vienna we focus on sensuality, delving into the senses and digging into the sense of the matter. We are proud to present a sumptuous spectrum of highly developed approaches that succeed in eroticising control as much as its loss, reflection as much as intoxication.

Welcome to our playground.


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Tuning In – Truth or Dare Ruby May  
Courage for Tenderness!? Dr. Lucas Pawlik  
Bisexual Playground Felix Ruckert  
Untitled Felix Ruckert  
Promiscuity Michael & Jiny  
Nazi Fetish – Playing with Trauma Atma Pöschl  


Faces Sheila Crux  
From Tongue to Tail Kai Ehrhardt  
Lift and Carry Michael & Moni  
Pressure for Pleasure Paradoxa  
Rough Body Play (Kinky Kung Fu) Frank T. Khani & Sheila Crux  
After Breath Robert K.  
Skin Travelling Robert K.  


Queening Caritia  
Humiliation Caritia  
Interrogation Frank T. Khani  
Discipline & Punishment delta®  
Predicament Bondage Dov  
Hogties Dov  
Mindfucks Dov  
Knives and Pointy Things Dov  
The Lesson Laudana  
Service Fetish Laudana