score / participatory event

by Jane Harden and Felix Ruckert

Radical Anxiety – Zen and Alcohol

Jane and Felix will provide a space of sexual renunciation, withdrawal and meditation supported by the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Due to Jane’s shyness and precarious health her workshop will be accompanied by members of the international network Plush Animal Collective. Drinks provided.

This is an exercise in control and loss of control. The score combines elements of Zen Meditation with the consumption of hard liquor. Can be done with up to 40-50 persons. Very funny!

Needs a big space, meditation cushions, some bottles of hard liquor…


Jane Harden is a thinker, drinker and performer. A hard boiled lesbian crab, originally from Sydney, Australia, she has a long history of zen practice, asexuality and alcoholism. She spends her time between Sydney, Berlin and the greek island of Amorgos. In 2010 she followed an invitation to become artist in residence at schwelle7 Berlin, where she used to think, drink and perform until the end.