xplore 2017

 …here some news about our plans for 2017:

 First of all we are happy to announce that next year there will be a new xplore in Copenhagen (August, 4-6), at a fabulous location (see more pictures here: http://teateroen.dk/) in the harbour, displaying spacious and well-lit studios beautifully surrounded by sea and sun, industry and greenery. We will collaborate with Johan Bichel Lindegaard as our local producer and some presenters such as Pia Struck and Seani Love have already confirmed their presence.

Then we are in a process of re-thinking and re-organizing the next years’ edition of xplore Roma (June 23 – 25) at Borgo Paola. We are working on a whole bunch of new ideas to make xplore Roma more attractive to foreign and italian guests alike. The program will try to match the more advanced standard of workshops established in Berlin, introducing more internationally renowned and experienced presenters. We are currently also try to connect with sex-positive intellectuals and communities in Italy in order to broaden our impact and collect new audiences. Concerning organization we decided to separate peacefully from our former roman producers Davide La Greca and Proudence  Halliwell – thank you very much, guys! – and take things in our own hands: Felix Ruckert and Caprice Ennulat, the original producer team of xplore Berlin will take over all  responsibilities for Rome, supported by Nehra Stella, who – with her specific competences and contacts in Italy – will complete the team.

Besides improving the program we wish to make the experience of xplore Roma more health-orientated, pleasant and comfortable: as a destination for a short and very special vacation! Therefore we will also invest to improve the quality of  services and structures at Borgo Paola. As many of you in the past two years we have been quite disappointed about the food situation there. Taking all the critics into consideration, this year we decided to invite a real chef and old friend: Tommaso Alfieri. With his long experience of cooking and catering, he will join us in Borgo Paola, cook and bake during the whole festival and provide beautiful meals using only fresh and local products.

 For xplore Berlin (July, 14 – 16) the theme will evolve around the idea of “Grace”, something desperately needed in the world today. We will further reach out into the society, proudly defend our achievements as a movement of liberation, show who we are and get the respect and attention we deserve! We plan to film an xplore documentary during the event and many workshops and lectures will deal with expression and expansion. We will encourage you to come out!


Hope you will consider joining us at one of the xplore’s this year. There will be special prices (double or triple xplore ticket) for those who wish to come to more than just one xplore.

More information will follow on our website: http://xplore-festival.com/