From Contact to Intimacy


Dancing Sex and Sensuality? Relating our intimacy to Improvisation? Improvising our intimate relationships? Do we have tools and techniques here just as we have in the contact class? Do we have rules and regulations? Do we want them? Can we let fears and desires enter the dance – just as we do when we love? Do we love our dance?? Do we dance our love?

This workshop wanders into the realms of sensual encounter. It is about sniffing, smelling, tasting the dance. It is about arousal and frustration, about fear and desire, about the mechanics of sex and the heaven and hell of intimacy.

Contact is seen as a spiritual connection, an emotional state that happens long before and way beyond physical touch.

This workshop is conceived to open Contact Improvisation’s physicality to touch and play with the human chemistry that lies beneath.  Felix Ruckert invites to investigate those aspects of CI that are so often taken for granted or shied away from in jams, classes and communities. The work aims to look at the intimacy involved in creating close and improvised physical contact with another person. It attempts to research the impact of emotions on our dances, engage with our hormones and fears, explore our sensuality by bringing our senses into the game, and create a safe and consensual space for people to investigate the place of sexuality in their dance and play.

Felix Ruckert will teach a day long workshop introducing new techniques and exercises drawn from his researches in Dance, Improvisation  and BDSM.  The material will be deepened in improvisational scores and an open jams.

Duration: 5 to 6 hours workshop