Boob Baptism

participatory performance, Aktion


I direct a roaming church which baptizes people’ s breasts.  All genders welcome! In a sophisticated, personal ritual your breasts receive individual and unique names. The new names will be marked on your skin and the result – if you agree – be documented, your body becoming part of a bigger work of art.

 The naming of body parts is a way of calling them into existence, an act of appointing and designation, The act of baptizing refers to archaic rites and religious ceremonies as well as to the artist’s act of creation – the nobility of  assigning a title. There is also sweet irony in giving  meaning and direction to a part of the body that is rather useless, yet highly fetishized.

Breasts come in pairs and pairs that bear names carry poetry: Romeo and Julia, Bonnie and Clyde, Heisenberg and Pinkman, Donald and Hillary ? …..stories of difference and contrast, stories of complicity and inspiration, stories of binaries and paralells, of dialogue, harmony, synergy or conflict.

Trust me – your breasts will be happy with their new names.

 This is an ambulant, parasite performance suitable as an ongoing event during festivals etc.. / no specific needs, no technical requirements /