Bisexual Adventures

    Picture by Anna M. Maynard /

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    Bisexual Adventures ( 90 – 120 min )

    Heterosexual, but fascinated by homosexuality ?
    Lesbian or gay, but sometimes lusting for the other sex?
    A workshop for potential polymorph perverts looking for new experiences. In a relaxed athmosphere we will test and challenge our boundaries with simple love techniques such as sensing, touching, caressing and kissing. Playfulness and humour are the keys to a questioning and eventual expansion of sexual identity and orientation.

    Felix’ workshops are genuine fusions of dance, theatre, song, talk and action, evolving in rather unpredictable ways, asking radical questions and challenging the limits of body/mind and soul/ spirit.  Often they also provide moments of clarity, joy and liberation. Practical exercises and reflection intertwine, inner and outer movement combine, teaching, learning and performing melt into each other, creating a single and unique experience. All impulses are welcome and the partipants are encouraged to fully and freely explore their physical, emotional and mental potential.

    After a career as a dancer and choreographer Felix started to investigate sexuality as a creative impulse and to introduce the sexual body into dance. Today his main occupation is a politics of re-enchantement: investigating and teaching tools for personal empowerment and uninhibited creativity.

    Technical requirements: dance studio or similiar, with clean and confortable floor, sound system