s7 – Final Celebration – The Auction

schwelle7 (2007 – 2016) 

by Felix Ruckert


From 2007 to 2016 I directed the performance space schwelle7 in Berlin-Wedding.

I fused my artistic practices with my personal life, creating a Life Art event, a social choreography, a magical world that involved thousends of players & participants.  schwelle7 became a 9 year long participatory performance with workshops, parties, celebrations, concerts, dance, shibari, life explorations – experiences of transgression and transformation, inspiring and sometimes healing for many people.

For the last two weeks of the existence of schwelle7  in May 2016 I designed a Final Celebration Program, with daily free workshops and night events.



The Auction is one of the more funny moments of those last days, where I sold many schwelle7 items I did not want to keep…