Gender Fluidity

  • Anna M. Maynard

Gender Fluidity (4 – 8 hours)

Workshop by Nehra Stella and Felix Ruckert

The scope of this workshop is to diversify our identities and to play with various gender roles. Our self contains many “male” and “female” aspects, we just need to allow them to become alive and to manifest themselves in powerful characters. „Boys“ are welcome to be passive and weak, to be insecure and demanding, to be capricious and needy. „Girls“ are invited to be wild and dangerous, to be ruthless and aggressive, to conquer and to rule.

Everyone is encouraged to try out everything.

Nehra and Felix will facilitate an investigation of conventional ideas of  “male” and “female” and will demonstrate that very common ways of behaving are not gender-specific or “something natural”. Directing and obeying, controlling and adapting, pushing and giving in, torturing and suffering, penetrating and being penetrated — this can be embodied by everyone.

BDSM practices play an essential role in this process as they provide many possibilities to construct and deconstruct gender stereotypes: role play and dominant-submissive scenarios will serve as tools to explore gender clichés and to discover their sexual power. Everyone is invited to try out something new, to shift perspective, to switch role and gender, to subvert societal norms and to embody contrast and difference as well as fusion and fluidity.

 All genders and sexual orientations are welcome. Please bring dresses and suits, boots and high heels, wigs, beards and lipstick, symbols, props, toys and anything else you can think of that might support your transformation!