xplore Roma 2019

All pics by Paul Jung

Sexual Revolution or Changing Bodies / Changing Minds

It seems strange and almost absurd to propose a festival of creative sexuality in a country where currently a right wing government threatens basic human rights and where people need to fight for freedom, dignity and diversity.

We nevertheless believe that the private is political and that offering a space of sexual freedom and experimentation is an act of empowerment that support the developement of critical minds, a growth in personal and political awareness, give the strenght to rebel, to search for freedom and to welcome change.

The repressiveness of a culture is imprinted in the body, it can be touched and altered. Freeing the bodymind of shame and guilt, providing tools for dealing with fear and aggression, encouraging honesty and open communication, offering necessary touch and physical satisfaction: this means making peace! With ourselves, the others and the world.

For this year’s edition we offer interventions that are smart, subtle and sophisticated. In a time that seems to prefer simple solutions, we propose complexity, in a time where binaries are reinforced we invite multIplicity, in a time of brutality, we train fragility, in a time of fear, we propose hope.

Welcome to our playground!



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