pics by Micha Stella and Paul Jung

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New album out now:

I Wanna Be A Horse

Lyrics & Music by Shylix

Mixing and Mastering by Marco Colocci

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As some of you know, to keep my spirits up, I spent a big part of 2019 making music. I mostly recorded my voice, acoustic guitar, acoustic bass and percussion and then put it through the machinery of electronic sound creation, adding sounds effects and drum loops. Now, I feel there is enough material that I feel confident to publish. It is raw, eclectic, funny and often quite dancy. If you are curious, please join me for the official record release party at

Café Prenzlau on Dec, 4,  2019 at 8pm /Prenzlauer Allee 26.

I will play all tracks of “I Wanna Be A Horse” and then the album will be published online.

The second act of the evening is Matthias Gockel who will read parts of his just published book “Sterben”. Kneipenfood and ‘Kiez’ambience by Henri of Café Prenzlau.