xplore Roma 2022

pic by The Kinky Photographer

The Resilient Body

In the last two years many people have been confronted with many challenging conditions and emotions as: uncertainty, isolation, reclusion, conflict and most of all, fear. We lost the freedom to celebrate, reunite, travel, visit our friends and family, support the elderly and even bury our loved ones. Now is time to recover, heal our wounds and get ready to new experiences: meet again in person, with our confused, vulnerable and resilient bodies. We can honour and celebrate this moment, become ready again to give space to pleasure: come together to connect, share, explore and play. Be human and free, again.

-> June 10 – 12, Borgo Paola/ Bracciano / ROMA/ Italy.


Caterina Genta – Tribe // Integrating Pleasure
Dunbear Beardsley – Erotic Presence // Mouth Pleasure
Julia – Face and Mouth massage
Daphne Rara – Twerk // La Vagina Felice
Jeremy Shub – Queer Flirting // Anal Massage
Francesca d’Onofrio – Roots of pleasure // Pleasure training
Julia and delta – La petite mort et la joie de vivre // The Miracle Whip
Sanya Alaya – Surrender to Physical Resilience // Surrender to the breath
Sarah Sako – Floathing Shift // Resistance and Release
Micha Stella – Welcoming Love // Creating Freedoms
Felix Ruckert – Enthusiastic Consent // Xploring DS