Short Workshops BDSM (90-180min)

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All these proposals are Hands-On ! They are mostly flexible in length and can also be combined to create longer workshops (full days or weekends) !  For week long workshops go back here: workshops BDSM


Knives and Other Sharp Objects (90 min)

Knives and Other Sharp Objects are obviously very dangerous for our soft skin and fluid fleshy bodies. That makes them so exciting to play with. There is real danger of cutting or scratching yourself or others, so better watch out. We will try out knives and other metal objects, as well as broken glass, thorns and whatever we can find that is solid, sharp and pointed. Playing with these things needs a cool head and controlled movement, it trains precision, attention and care. We will see how that will make us feel.

Bring your favourite knife, if you have one, or another sharp object…


Aggression and Pleasure (90 min)

 A new score for dominant-submissive role play, especially desigend for newbies wishing to become good in being bad. You will find out:  Topping is easy!


Skin (90 min)

The skin is our biggest sense organ. Quicker and more immediate than our eyes, nose or ears, it links us to our environment. Despite its being one big unity the skin is made of many surfaces of varying thickness. It gives us reliable information about changes in pressure, pull, friction and temperature.
The workshop combines both the active use of skin as instrument of perception, as well as techniques for its manipulation and stimulation. It illustrates the skin’s possibilities as a means of communication with the environment and with other people. A special focus is put on the perception of the psychological and emotional effects of the different techniques.


Power Situations ( 90 min)

This workshop is about the emotional effects of spatial relations. It deals with such subjects as closeness and distance, the individual and the group, spatial hierachies, control and surrender, intimacy and reserve. Our position in space, our body language, our attitude and focus are creative tools in the non-verbal communication with others. Simple physical exercises draw the attention to the dynamics created by spatial relations and in contact with others. They also help to perceive the emotions that are inevitably triggered in this process.


Ballet for Bloody Beginners (90 min)

An ill-tempered, arrogant and potentially abusive Ballet Master gives a sluggish Beginner’s Lesson. Grace, discipline and the usual humiliations. Participation only with appropriate ballet outfit (tights) !!! It ‘s ballet, it is role play, it s fun!


Basic Rope Bondage (90 min)

An introduction to Shibari – Japanese Rope Bondage – for beginners. We work with one single length of rope  – 8 meter long/ 6-8 mm diameter – just discovering how to make the rope a part of your body, an extension of your arms, a tool for connection with your partner: less intimate than just your hands, more intimate than just your hands! Note: This is not the only paradox typical for playing with rope! Discover a new world!

More advanced rope workshops you find here: Rope Bondage Workshops


Compression and Expansion (90 – 120 min)

Compression provides security, protection, calm and concentration. It also creates restriction, repression and fear. Expansion allows opening, the challenge of limits, adventure and excitement . It also might create fragmentation, dissolution, confusion and again: fear.

In my view most S/M play uses this dynamic concept to relate between the inner and the outer world. The workshop deals with physical techniques of compressing and expanding the body and parts of it, and with the changes in perception and emotional state that comes along with these manipulations. The body is seen as an organic structure connecting the inner with the outer world.  Our consciousness is often underestimating its potential to change and shift form, to play with space in order to achieve a state of presence.


Cloth Pegs (90 min)

Clothspins are often underestimated. Maybe because they are so simple, cheap and easy to use ?? With their ability to cause pressure as well as suspense they can drastically change the perception of the skin and therefore the perception of the bodies borders. The pain they induce is not very strong and can be measured easily, but it is persisting and therefore requires concentration and active response. This produces an exquisite endorphine high. You can apply them nearly anywhere, but they do not make sense anywhere. Felix Ruckert demonstrates how to put them, how to play them put, and how to play/put them off. He links the use of clothspins to breath, movement and other forms of body manipulation.


The Art of the Whip – Basic Knowledge (90 min)

If you just wish to hurt someone, you do not need a whipping workshop. Just take the whip and hit somebody. But a whip or flogger can do much more than just cause pain. It can caress and stimulate, expand and soften, encourage and strengthen, excite and connect. It can make you fly.

A whip can be an extension of your hand and can be used exactly as versatile and sensitive: Tender and careful, embracing and massaging, penetrating and demanding, cutting and brutal.

In this workshop Felix proposes a space for practical exploration of whips and floggers, with a focus on the relations between the technique of the whip and the practice of dance. It will provide tricks for posture and handling of the instrument, it will investigate the whips role in the body’s relation to space and centre, it will help to improve the communication between the partners.

It proposes an understanding of the act of whipping and being whipped as an energetical exchange, a mutual penetretation and a sensual, an emotional connecting and a sensual dialogue. It is about collecting, directing and processing energy.

We will learn by practical exercise, treating us mutually with different instruments in different constallations.

Please bring comfortable clothes, and – if you have -your own whips and floggers!


The Dancing Whip: Flogging in Movement (90 – 180 min)

When the submissive is no longer tied up or accepts whippings with clenched teeth, then motion comes into play! Between the partners there evolves a form of dance that can be severe and spontaneous, but also smooth and sleek like a cat. The one who whips can do so in a relatively firm manner, because the submissive defines with his or her movements when and where he or she wants to be hit.

So the submissive becomes the controller of his or her game. In this workshop we will develop our skills with the whip to the point where we are able to hit a moving target without producing unwanted pain or damage. Please bring your own floggers and whips. They will not be provided.

Note: this is an advanced workshop, some previous experience with floggers and whips is required!


Flagellation Ritual (90 min)

 A ritual where one (or two, if time allows) brave participants receive a collective whipping. Felix explains the score and gives some necessary safety informations. Then he carefully orchestrates the ritual and guides the group, introducing many different forms of touch, sound and other stimulations in order to create an extraordinary experience for the protagonist as well as for the participants. Unique. Intense. Mind Blowing.


Resistance Play (90 min) – A controlled loss of control !!

In any physical contact with another human being it is important to master clear communication. It is crucial to read, accept and show your feelings, be aware of your and your partner’s possibilities, to respect your fears and limits.

This workshop provides a safe playground for the practice of saying NO, a space for disagreement, for rejecting, refusing, denying and avoiding. We will train the ability to take refuge, regardless of conventions or politeness.

There is however also joy in attack, and power in refusal, there is excitement in provocation and playfulness in resistance and sometimes there is pleasure in overwhelming or in being overwhelmed. Mastering of the NO is used as a precondition to play with these dynamics. It allows us to experiment with the complex psychology of aggression and denial, to discover the liberation that accompanies the acceptance of aggressive impulses as well as the empowerment provided by outright resistance and plain abandonment.


The Art of Submission (90 – 180 min)

The moment of submission to a situation which I have helped shape, is the moment where I become aware, I get involved, I do not flee. Out of this arises devotedness and tenderness. In“The Art of Submission” we will learn to overcome situations where we are insecure, anxious or frightened by our own courage. We learn to take a step forward, while finding a safe place for ourselves.

We will work with physical exercises in the fields of dance / Contact Improvisation, space perception, and exercises of dominant-submissive role-playing. It is about handling sensual playfulness with your partner to identify one’s desires, boundaries and how to communicate them.


Switching Score (90 – 180min)

The Switching Score is a play scenario that offers the possibility to explore dominant as well as submissive behavior in changing constellations. The task consists of finding the adequate game for a situation with various players and changing roles. The Switching Score was developed by Felix Ruckert for bigger groups and fuses elements from Contact Improvisation, Systemic Constellation and Dominant- submissive Role Play.


Shame (90 – 180 min)

A workshop about disclosure, exhibition and presentation. About the beauty of blushing. You can experiment with showing yourself and being shown, you can try to transform your shyness and shame into confidence and pride. You might discover that you empower yourself by giving up attitude, self image and self representation, your fears of disapproval and rejection and even your identity…!


Zen Spanking ( 90 min )

A score which combines attitudes andf exercises of Zen Meditation with the practice of Spanking. The focus is on skillfully using breath, impact and intention to create a dynamic link between partners. Spanking is  stimulating intellectualy as well as systemically. It might create arousal or other strong intense emotions and semsations. It is a perfect tool for the study of presence, determination, resonance and grace. Always a light and enlightening experience!